New York Times Pays Tribute to Fallen Service Members on Memorial Day

Great decision by the NYT editorial board to run this for Memorial Day.

jesus christ above

what a sickness the diseased minded media left is in this country

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Why are there US Military bases named after traitors who fought in the name of White Supremacy in order to preserve slavery?

Seems like a slam dunk that we can all get behind to change the names to reflect the values of our country.


News coverage about an opinion piece from a rag. Slow news week. :rofl:

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There is a time and place for this discussion.

This was not the time or the place.

Shame on the New York Times.

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While I agree that the bases should be renamed, this day was not the day to run such an appalling headline story.

This isn’t news. It was a political hit piece. The US military is the most racially integrated element of modern American society; most experiments involving racial integration and racial equality began in the US military, not the civilian sector.

We have always been behind the US military in this regard. Southern Blacks were officers in the US army before they could even vote in elections in the south. Black and white soldiers were dying beside each other, equals under arms, in Vietnam at a time when blacks were defending theirselves from white police officers in Los Angeles.

This wasn’t the time for this discussion. It was inappropriate and tone deaf.


More code words. Our values…you mean libs values?

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It was an Op-ed piece. Not a headline.

I am surprised that the piece that they ran today about how 75 years after integration the Military is 43% POC but at the top echelons is still really really white.

I thought that that would be the thing to get people riled up.

Which bases?

It’s something that can be discussed at another time. Memorial Day is for active duty military members, veterans, and their families to remember and cherish their comrades who sacrificed their lives in service. Not for civilians to debate racial politics.

Appropriate topic, FOR ANOTHER DAY.

It should not have been run today.


So what do you think was the NYT’s motivation for running it now?

Oh, all the important ones, eh?

Mainly to yank chains.

If they wanted a thoughtful discussion of an important topic, they would have waited two weeks or so.

I have mixed feelings on places being named after Confederates.

With that said, I’m not military. So I don’t really have the right to voice my opinion on it. This is a matter for military personnel and the DOD to discuss.

In any case, today was a horrible day to bring any of this up. I feel terrible even discussing it.

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In perspective, the Legendary 82nd Airborne Division is based out of Fort Bragg, not Fort-libs-finding-something-to-be-offended-by.

The name won’t change. It’s too important.

i bet that editor recently hired who tweeted anti-white racist tweets approved of this piece

Upon reading the article, I think the writer had a point. It’s time to rename bases if the individuals whose name they currently hold could be associated with degradation of any race of human beings.

However, as has been stated, Memorial Day is not the time or place for that, but a time to honor those who lost their lives in U S military service. Shame on the New York Times for choosing this observance to run this piece and for associating an entire organization, rather than individuals of previous eras, with white supremacy.


I concur.

I wonder however, if the we will soon see the NYT espousing the idea of renaming everything in West Virginia that has the racist Klansman’s Robert K. Byrd’s name on it?

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