New York looks to bring back mask mandates

This time the governor of New York and the mayor of New York City are supporting a mandate to ban facemasks instead of requiring them. One proposal is to ban face masks on subways and at protests.

“. . . people should not be able to hide behind a mask to commit crimes . . .”–Mayor Eric Adams

Where was this logic during most of a year of BLM/Antifa riots and looting?


For crime? But crime is down!

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Adams is a cop.

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Adams is the mayor.

When I say Adams is a cop, I’m not naming his occupation, I’m describing him as a person.

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Well…ex cop

It doesn’t matter what he was.

there was never any “logic” to any of it. just pure lefty authoritarianism.



He is a terrible mayor and no one likes him.

Zero people would be surprised if in the next year or so there was a scandal involving a bag of cash surrounding his administration

If there’s a big scandal around Adams, it’ll be a lot stupider. It’ll be him losing the city treasury to a Nigerian Prince email scam, or something like that.


That doesn’t sound wrong.

Many states have laws prohibiting face coverings in public. They were passed in an era of weakening the Klan. I have not seen these being applied against antifa. I thought we were told no one is above the law.


Has Fauci approved of this science?

correct. crime is down 2% in NYC this year.

about time you started talking sense.


Yes, reported crime.

When prosecutors stop prosecuting and police stop arresting, reports go down even as crime increases.

New York prosecutors are too busy attempting to rig the 2024 presidential election to worry about actual crime.


when i joined the hannity forum in 2002 there were 573 murders in NYC

this year so far 157. a remarkable decrease.


thats correct apples to apples.

people arent reporting crime anymore?

last time i was at midtown north precinct HQ that wasnt the case.


Just legalize homicide and crime reports would go to zero. Problem solved!

Thanks to not reporting crimes, which then allows liars to lie and feed it for their sheople to swallow and regurgibleat it. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass: