New York Getting Strapped?

The Hudson Valley Times Union looked at background checks for gun sales from January 1, 2021, through the end of November and noted: “There have been 425,778 firearm background checks in New York in the first 11 months of 2021, far surpassing pre-pandemic gun-buying levels in 2019, when the FBI reported 355,374 total firearm background checks in the state.”

Wonder what this is about?

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fascinating. too much freedom obviously

when the hell was the first highest?

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They anticipate victory in the Supreme Court. Want to beat the rush.

The impending revolution?

Defund the police and now citizens are forced to do the job of the police?


Which police forces weee defunded in the Hudson valley. You funny.

Good for the people of the state.

Also as shown in the article gun sales were in the hundreds of thousands in 2019….


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Citizens fed up with criminals.

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Were they fed up in 2019 when 355k were sold? When the state was the safest it was in decades?

Seriously guys this is upstate New York. It’s been like this for always. Good for them.

I used to pass by this hotel in Delaware County on my way back to school in Oneonta NY after Thanksgiving


Old saying: “After you shoot a few the rest go home”

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Most non New Yorkers think that New Yorkers are all city types. I"m an upstater myself (Albany area).

What do you think?

Why wait?

Crime is an illusion, all just fake news.

Your link says “Campaign”…Were they defunded?

Do you wait for the check engine light to come on ?

Before I pay to have a check engine light diagnosed and fixed…Yes.