New York engaged in Voter Suppression

This is a really good clip by Senator Lankford from OK on the new Voter Laws the dems are trying to push through.

He mentions 34 issues that the dems have a problem with. In New York, they had a ballot measure that called for Voter ID. It was overwhelmingly supported by the voters. But we all know that is voter suppression. They are also calling for same day registration for voting. along with no ID! Their own states are against them, but these senators know best. They also demand that all felons get to vote, and that an Attorney that works for the federal election commission gets to oversee all federal elections. That is a lot of power for one guy.

Another thing they want is anyone running for congress, in any district, gets paid 6 dollars from the govt for every dollar they collect. This way they can take a salary from the campaign and can get paid from tax payers to run for election.

Video here with standard youtube warnings

There is nothing wrong with felons voting upon completion of their sentence. Otherwise I am interested in taking a look at what’s going on with this

On this I agree, as long as they have completed their sentence.

How is expanding the franchise suppressing the franchise?

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NO Id to vote, but they want Id’s and vax cards to travel… Gosh, no hypocrisy there…


Article I read used the words “served their sentence” which may not be the same as “completed their sentence”. Do they get to vote while still on probation?

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