New York City primary just accidentally counted 135000 test votes

It looks like another major screw up in the New York City Democratic primary this week.

Last year Democrats in New York City disqualified 21% of mail-in ballots.

Fortunately these kinds of problems can only ever occur in New York City during Democratic primaries. To suggest otherwise is a threat to democracy and the national election system.

Are people in flyover country going to start making jokes about the uniquely stupid and incompetent New Yorkers?

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To claim anyone else claiming election problems the left calls it the Big Lie.

It’s "D"ifferent in this case though. :man_shrugging: :roll_eyes:

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Soooo Trump won?


The percentage of invalid or disqualified votes in the city primaries would be more than enough to flip several states in a presidential election, yet any real investigations or audits are labeled as threats to democracy.

The only logical explanation for this apparent contradiction is that most media people recognize that New York City Democrats are uniquely stupid and/or incompetent.


The dums dums at the board of elections ran the numbers without erasing the test data first.

They ■■■■■■ up. They published the numbers before finding that they ■■■■■■ up and rescinded that count.

The count wasn’t finished yet and this will not change the results of the election one bit.

It will be pointed to as proof of “FRAUD!!!”

But most people will forget about it until the board of elections ■■■■■ it up again.

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The true big lie is that there were no problems in the election.

The media repeats this lie daily it seems.

Dum dums is being nice.


Sounds to me that the checks and balances worked and the error was caught and will be corrected.


No problems. Not true.

Few problems is true.



They have had like four major screw ups in as many years.

The new mayor should really overhaul that whole department.

Trump made a YUUUUGE mistake in wrapping calls for election investigations in language that made it about his own election.

It gives grounds for libs to dismiss any talk about election integrity like you are doing here.

We all should be concerned about election integrity.


And it is abjectly shameful the way libs indicate that they don’t give a crap about it.

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problems in voting is just a conspiracy

theres not one example of any issues

see, this is the problem. you’re willing to accept the problems were few because this is what we’re told by the people who are invested in the idea that the problems are few. yet if you call for investigation to ensure the problems are few you’re attacking democracy. so, we have no way of knowing either to be true. if you believe fraud happened and say so, its not an attack on democracy, its a defense of democracy. if you want to investigate suspected fraud its not an attack on democracy, its a defense of democracy. no matter how the investigation ends up, its a defense of democracy. failing to investigate is an attack on democracy. allowing fraud to stand is an attack on democracy. allowing people who have a vested interest in not finding problems to be the arbiters of whether problems exist is an attack on democracy.

trump lost. i have little doubt. fraud did happen, and more than we know, i have little doubt. even without it, he would have still lost, i have little doubt.

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An investigation yes. An audit 6 months hence by a private inexperienced firm. No.


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all firms are inexperienced before they get experience.

Of course. Election mess ups that were caught are proof that the system works. In order to make a case that elections could be at risk, it is necessary to list fraud or errors that have never been caught.


I know!!!

Conservatives, however, couldn’t shut up about the misdeeds of the Mark Harris election in 2018.

It was all anyone talked about here for months on end.

So many threads, so much righteous indignation. I seriously thought you guys were going to organize a march, what with how up in arms you all were at this ghastly breach of election integrity.

That, of course, never happened, and the actual (not the made up garbage you enemies of the republic are peddling) voter fraud was almost entirely ignored.

And how exactly do you do that?

Good question.

Yes, Trump won the NYC Democrat mayoral primary! Where you been?