New York City pox party was a success! 21% test positive

It looks like the policy of operating overcrowded subways and buses during the epidemic was unintentionally a successful pox party; preliminary results show 21% of New York City residents test positive for the coronavirus:

I suspect the number is even higher for regular subway riders. It looks like New York City is approaching herd immunity.

It also means that the death rate is lower than earlier expected. Applying the measured rate of positive results to the whole city mean 1.7 million were infected. The total number of coronavirus deaths is 9396, which gives a fatality rate of about .5%.

While epidemic in New York City has certainly been terrible for the people who have fallen seriously ill, the fact that so many people are testing positive is good news for assessing risks of serious illness in the city and the rest of the country.


That stuff spreads insanely fast and unfortunately easy which is why most think the infected rate is not even close to the real numbers. Even after having the coranavirus I think I will be nervous the next time I get on a subway.

Yes, the virus is very contagious. The new estimates for the number of cases in New York City are well over 10 times higher than the official confirmed cases.

The 21% positive is around the bottom estimate of what is required to achieve herd immunity for COVID-19. The end may be in sight for the lockdown, especially if social distancing and working at home where possible are continued.

How does one make a city the size and population of New York function without something like the subway system?

I hope so, and fingers crossed we can get through this economically not sure if the second part will come true, if it does it’s at a huge cost.

Great news. I hope there’s more good news to come.


You don’t. The problem has been the New York cut way back on transit service during the lockdown, which resulted in crowded subways and buses.

The MTA lost at least 68 transit workers to the virus, who were forced to work without any protective gear:

The US media has been very quiet about this issue, even though many of them are based in New York.

Why shut down the entire country when New York City was sponsoring a pox party in its crowded subways in order to save some operating costs?

It is no surprise to me that the new tests show such a large number of positives.


It was also reported in on Fox News that Di Blasio set up a mark line and has been fining flush citizens reported as not social distancing, but has done nothing concerning reports of the homeless failing to social distance in subways. Presumably they are ignored because there is no money to be scammed from the penniless.

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To reach “herd immunity” we need about 90-95% of people to either be infected or vaccinated so it’s going to be a long ride.

Strange Deblasio, his DPH, and Cuomo are being given a free pass when it was there actions that are responsible for well over half of these deaths.


They are Dems. They have negative press immunity.

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Not just the press. How much ranting and raving do you see by our leftist “friends” here about their malfeasance?


The “friends” only know what their Dem-innoculating press injects through the Bubble membrane into them.


No argument here.

Funny though, they always tell us FNC feeds us our opinions.

If you want to know what they are doing just see what they are accusing us of.

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The mistakes New York has made in countless areas concerning their preparation and response to this virus is beyond incompetent. It’s borderline criminal and before this is all over, there will be lawsuits against them.

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Sovereign Immunity will protect them.

‘I don’t want this job to kill me’: why have 68 New York transit workers died during the pandemic?

If they aren’t prosecuted, this won’t have good optics for their future political careers.

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Only if other dem’s decide to capitalize on it and that’s not likely to happen.

Unlike republicans they rarely eat their own.

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Then I’d have to wonder what ever happened to those…lib “feelings”? :sunglasses:

See the edit.

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