New York AG issues subpoena to all NY Catholic dioceses in child abuse probe

I know it’s trite but…my thoughts and prayers go out to the Catholic Church :pray:.

Burn it down and convict them all, including Francis if he helped engage in the coverup.

I don’t think it will change much long term, as the Vatican will just re-coagulate into the den of vipers it currently is, but at least some human scum might see some justice done.

And of course a bunch of conservative Catholics wouldn’t be calling for Francis’ head if he weren’t perceived as ‘liberal’, but meh.

Hopefully more AG’s in the US follow suit. All 50 states would be nice to see.

It’s about time. The truth is in the transfer history of priest and financial records. It’s the smoking gun.

Goes back a lot ■■■■■■■ further than 50 years as well.

From ‘‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’’

Warning, F-bombs

Standard YouTube warning.

Liberals and atheists cant have morals…remember that…