New Way Forward Act

Has anyone heard of this act? Tucker Carlson was talking about it last night. This is what we can look forward to if the dems keep the house and get the senate and white house.

The act says any illegal that was kicked out of the country for conviction of a felony, must not only be allowed reentry, but the govt must pay for his travel. According to Carlson, this law is retroactive more than ten years!

Here is Carlsons take on it:

Here is the bill itself:

The left in this country has lost their mind. The scary part for me will be if Bernie gets elected and the dems take the senate. I could fully see the dems signing this piece of crap. No wonder Mitch doesnt send anything forward.


I don’t even need to read the bill. Tucker says so, so it must be.

We can’t trust Mexican judges in immigration court. Trump’s building a wall.

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Under this new bill, according to Tucker, 44 Dems have sponsored this bill and under it, there is no crime that can lead to automatic deportation.

I am so glad that the wall is being built and a President was elected that cares about illegal immigration. When Trump gets reelected, maybe then…“we” can get a real grip on this serious problem that is costing all of us so much…especially tax payers. The raping of our country has got to stop.


Yeesh, thank God libs and their plantation overlords are so inept these days. Imagine being the poor fool that feels physically compelled to support this tripe in public. :rofl:

Ah…dems are racists…neat

Glad you posted this.

Our laws should be more restrictive rather than essentially creating lawlessness…which is what this will do.

I hope this gets more coverage as does Bernie Sanders dramatic and unexplained reversal on the impact of immigration to low skill US worker wages.


Don’t forget fascists and nazis. Libs always include those names too with racist. :sunglasses:


Rubes. I like rubes.


Tucker is an opinion emcee of an entertainment program meant to make you outraged. :roll_eyes:

I don’t.

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Well you aren’t one.

The frothing, the fear, the panic.

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Very sick stuff these Democrats want to inflict on America!

This will end the Sanctuary cities and states!

I can say with 100% confidence that Tucker’s portrayal of this legislation is inaccurate without reading the bill or having heard Tucker’s arguments.


Tucker Carlson :joy:

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You don’t say.

Is the legislation fake?

I hope it is.


Well there’s the problem the Mexican judges, time to replace them with American judges.

Dang Globalists.

I want to believe this.

I really do.

No joke.


You laugh yet he’s not one of those demented journalists that push the Russian collusion lie.

He’s not a journalist, he’s a corny partisan opinion host.