New U.S. Ambassador to Germany Off to a Good Start...?

im sorry out side of the 3 hostages what has Trump done to better America?

lolol constant trashing is self inflicted by him…

I’m sure you know that “in your heart.” I don’t.

lol in my heart Trump is a bigoted misogynistic buffoon

The defense rests.

should i break out my Stretch Armstrong decoder ring to find out what you are talking about?

When was that?

“As chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, he asserted that “politics stops at the water’s edge,” and cooperated with the Truman administration in forging bipartisan support. Francis O. Wilcox, first chief of staff of the Foreign Relations Committee, recalls that Vandenberg’s Senate career stands as a monument to bipartisanship in American foreign policy.”

Someone said so? That’s your proof?


Expertise Killer

A nice return to imperialism.