New Trump campaign ad asks supporters to call 1-800 hotline to thank him

You’re supposed to call an 800 number, thank Trump, leave a message and then donate to his reelection campaign.

That will not end well.

The sad part is that the dumb ones actually will do just that.

i am surprised it is not a 900 number…


As did supporters of previous Presidents. :roll_eyes: I never donate to election candidates or political parties, do you?

Obama did this too.

Conversely, there should be an 800 bitch session line where you can call and complain and receive a portion of the donations from the other 800 line.

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Probably a scheme to get some spending money since his other piggy bank was shuttered by NYS.

You call a 800 number, they capture the number. Then they can sell the numbers. A grifter always at work.

What could go wrong there?

Lord what an obvious clown. And yet people will fall for this nonsense, too.


I got a “body seems unclear” message, so maybe this will get it through.

I’m in!!!

Hillary had the same thing, But it was only in Russia. I think she cancelled it the same day she cancelled her fireworks show. :joy: