New splinter party- The Forward Party

Defectors from both Republican and Democrat parties have merged to create a new political party in 2020- the Forward Party.

The video states that as “one of two parties has ruled the U.S., the us vs. them conflict has festered.” Now, it’s hit a boiling point and people are tired it.

*“The Foward Party seeks out centrists with vague or still-developing stances, because most Americans themselves are centrists.”

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Andrew Yang’s project ?

Interesting, wonder what impact it will have.

Little to none, I expect.

Just another Reform Party/Alliance Party/Unity Party.

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From what I am digging up, yup. It is his project with Christine Whitman the other co-chair. She was head of the EPA in the G.W. Bush administration. .

Yes. Andrew Yang’s group has merged with Serve America Movement, and Renew America Movement into FWD.

They never come up with good names with these things. The word forward is too much like progressive. They are dooooooomed.

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The slogan will cheese some people off too. Not Left. Not Right. Forward.

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The only way a third party stands any kind of chance is if a popular politician is behind it -like Trump, or Bernie.

They have to demonstrate that they can actually win elections. They would need to target moderate districts with lots of voters who genuinely are disgruntled with both sides. Then develop ground games in these districts and convince as many people as possible that they can formulate a better approach to governing.

Not like those two. They would just pull from one side and make it weaker. Needs someone in between. And no I don’t know who that is. As much as I hate to say it it probably have to be like the second term of Clinton.

New name time? Let’s spitball. How about “The Easily Manipulated Party” or maybe more seriously, “The Ungroomed Masses.”


The time for the left to have done it was 2016 when Bernie was jilted. Trump would be the guy this term, but it doesn’t draw the middle, which I think is the object.

Ooow, to borrow a quote from the end of this thread, “The Dead Armadillos.”

If it doesn’t draw from middle it and the side it draws from will die. They will split the vote.

Because nobody’s done it right yet😉 except maybe Reagan.

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They would do that too, sure.

But that’s what it would take, effectively, for such a party to emerge. Country is just too divided with too many people married to Team Blue or Team Red.

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Good. That will weaken the Democrat party the most because it moved so far left, it left their centrists behind. There will also be some Rs that felt abandoned by the MAGA movement but most of the damage will be to the Democrats IMO. This really is good news.

Maybe. But the formula for a third party is socially moderate, fiscally conservative. That pulls in all kinds of righties.