New Senate investigation says NRA was "foreign asset" to Russia ahead of 2016 election

The Russian ties to the NRA have been well documented, but this Senate report reveals the deeper ties the NRA had to the Russians and how they aided them to help get Trump elected. We’ve heard about the 2015 Russian trip that NRA bigs made to Russia, but this report goes further.

Drawing on contemporaneous emails and private interviews, an 18-month probe by the Senate Finance Committee’s Democratic staff found that the NRA underwrote political access for Russian nationals Maria Butina and Alexander Torshin more than previously known — even though the two had declared their ties to the Kremlin.

Here’s a link to the report. Document Viewer : NPR

but they are standing up for the little guy!

Shut it down, start fresh…

Maybe San Fransisco is right?

this seems relevant

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I wonder how much foreign money going into libs beloved organizations.

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That just came over MSNBC. Who said they’re just for guns? Not so.

also remembering loooong threads trying to distort the point that Trump got help from NRA in 2016

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Why don’t you investigate them, you control the DOJ.

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Chef’s kiss. Magnificent deflection. However we are talking about the NRA being a foreign asset to Russia.

Do the research. Start a thread. Right now we’re talking about the NRA literally in bed with Russia.


How much Russian and chinese money found its way into Biden or Clinton hands? :grin:

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Another deflection. Wow. Must be hard watching The Chosen One’s kingdom start to crumble. Keep the MAGA hats. Might be worth $0.10 in a few years.

Of course. The NRA has been revealed to be a really despicable outfit. What real American group would help Russians get someone elected president?

Do I support it…no. If NRA knowingly taken money from Russia and it’s been proven, they they deserve everything that comes down the pipe.

Should environmental group be taking Russian money?

You see that’s the different between me and libs. The believe in double standards and I don’t.

5.5 more years. Get used to it. :+1:

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literary no one in this thread is supporting groups taking money from Russia, your just assuming that.

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That’s different. Hell libs all loved the Chinese when they were trying to influence the farmers.

But again we all know libs ■■■■ doesn’t stink. :wink:

That’s true.

Honestly could this week be going any worse for you guys.