New restriction on fetal tissue research

“With these new arbitrary restrictions on research, the United States is ceding its role as the global leader in the development of cellular therapies and regenerative medicine,” said Doug Melton, a co-director of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and president of the International Society for Stem Cell Research. “The regulatory and legal framework in the U.S. for overseeing fetal tissue research was carefully developed with input from the public, ethicists, policymakers and scientists and ensures rigorous oversight, including that the tissue is obtained legally and with donor consent.”

“…and a major disappointment to scientists who say the tissue collected from elective abortions has been instrumental to unlocking the secrets of diseases that range from AIDS to cancers to Zika, as well as to developing vaccines and treatments for illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease.”

Welp, there you go. They’re cutting off an important thing, that had donor consent, that researchers need to develop cures or treatments for diabetes, dementia, HIV, heart disease, lung cancer, and thousands of other diseases.

We will now need to depend on foreign research facilities to find the cures.

Anyone here have a relative who suffered/suffers from a horrible disease/condition?

Much like the anti-vaxxers, it’s a shame the damage resulting from this stupidity can’t be limited solely to those who push for it.

Interestingly, it’s many of the older folks who support what Trump has done who are in desperate need of the research and breakthroughs.

Wasn’t there some waves made among the conservative community when Nancy Reagan came out in favor of STEM cell research when her husband was in decline suffering from Alzheimer’s?

Stupid should hurt…

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Whatever your stance on abortion, this is just stupid policy. Nothing tangible is changed about abortion itself, but medical research is severely impacted.

This is what happens when you allow religious people to make policy…welcome to the middle east


While I am not for this but it does not prevent private research

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Black market baby parts!

This is just Donald Trump playing to the religious base.

Guess what will happen to the tissue going forward?

The tissue that could have been used researching and eradicating things like cancer gets thrown away.

Anyone here know anyone with cancer?

“Pro-life” is too often a misnomer.

Please link to where private research can not use it?

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It’s just Trump playing to a base and thus delaying breakthroughs (which means people will die).

Does anyone here know anyone with cancer?

Yes now answer my question: does this stop private research?


My daughter has liberal inclinations. I would like a cure for her. Would stem cells help?

Uh oh. You just threw a monkey wrench into the hand wringing screed that @CaughtInTheMiddle posted.

I have cancer. Had surgery. Had radiation. Had chemo. Maybe it’s gone now. Still testing.

I hope it’s gone. Wish you the best.

Hope it stays away