New questions raised about Biden's health as he once again forgets which state he is in

Once again, Joe Biden has forgotten his state he was in at a public appearance, sparking renewed fears about his mental cognitive ability. Biden is perhaps not being transparent with the American people about his health. Given Biden’s elderly age, and the growing frequency and seriousness of his mental inability, there are now many medical experts with grave concerns. Biden must be transparent with the American people, for words like “dementia” and “Alzheimer’s” are now being whispered behind closed doors.

Nothing new.

A guy with dementia is still a better choice .


That is part of the Ukrainian interference, obviously.

Three days ago Trump confused what state he was going to a rally in as he was going there. A week ago he thought Colorado had a border with Mexico.

You guys really need to think before you go down this route.

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I would hate campaigning.

Well that’s certainly not true.

Colorado has lots of illegals, he never said it was a border state.

The media anal exam that begins with or even before a candidate declaring is more than enough to discourage most decent people.

We complain that we’re not seeing the “best” but why would the best want to subject themselves to that mess?

He said he’s building a wall in Colorado.

Did you miss that?

All I saw was him saying CO is benefiting from the wall construction.

As I recall he mentioned both CO and OK, and indeed they are benefiting. If he said he was building a wall in CO and/or Ok he had his foot in his mouth again.

Don’t bother, they have selective hearing.

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Dude, just stop.

In Colorado, we’re building a beautiful wall.
-fat donald

Why not just admit fat donald done ■■■■■■ up and move on?


Seems you missed something with your quote. Let me fix that.

I don’t watch his speeches as a rule.

It’s not “if” he said it, he “did” ■■■■■■■ say it. Why not just admit fat donald said “ In Colorado, we’re building a beautiful wall” and move on?


You don’t watch his speeches “as a rule” - but you “saw him saying” that Colorado is “benefiting” from the wall.

You’re saying that you don’t watch his speeches, but you saw him say something he didn’t actually say?

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You’d think it would be easy, being Trump’s biggest critic and all.


It sounds like new questions are being raised on this very forum.

Biden has a plate in his head.

What part of this did anyone miss?

You’re not very good at following posts in sequence are you?

He stuck his foot in his mouth again, I’m sure we’ll all get over it.