NEW POLL: Vast Majority of Democrats View Republicans as ‘Racist, Bigoted, Sexist’

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A stunning new poll released Tuesday reveals how Democrats across the United States view GOP voters, with a clear majority saying Republicans are “racist, bigoted, sexist, and ignorant.”

The survey -released by Axios- found a whopping 61% of Democrats throughout America viewed Republicans as “Racist/Bigoted/Sexist” and 54% found them “ignorant.” 44% found GOP supporters “spiteful” and 21% as “evil.”

54% of Republicans found Democrats “spiteful” and 49% “ignorant.”

“Many Americans think people in the other party are ignorant, spiteful, evil and generally destroying the country,” writes the survey. “If Americans are this convinced that the other side isn’t just wrong, but dumb and evil, they’ll never be able to find enough common ground to solve real problems. And they’re more likely to elect leaders who can’t do it, either.”

Read the full report here.

Personally I think the democrats should check their own hatred. But again that’s is what they do isn’t it? Drum up that hatred to keep people divided and at each another throats to maintain their power.

So much irony…

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Do you have anything to offer?



Even more irony…

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