NEW POLL: Vast Majority of Democrats View Republicans as ‘Racist, Bigoted, Sexist’ | Sean Hannity

A stunning new poll released Tuesday reveals how Democrats across the United States view GOP voters, with a clear majority saying Republicans are “racist, bigoted, sexist, and ignorant.”

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You DO realize that before 1964, it was the Republicans that were pushing for Civil Rights legislation and the Democrats were fighting tooth and nail against it don’t you? It was the Democrats that passed all of the Jim Crow laws, put up all of the statues and monuments honoring the Confederacy, and founded and led the KKK. Two of the great modern leaders in the fight against Civil Rights were Robert Byrd and Al Gore Sr. And don’t forget that great Democrat George Wallace. Just because Lyndon Johnson decided it was politically expedient to embrace Civil Rights, doesn’t reverse over 100 years of history at the time or white wash the party. What is almost worse is the way, after Martin Luther King Jr, the Black leadership decided to maintain power over their people by abandoning the party of Lincoln and crawling into bed with the party of the KKK.