New Mississippi Flag up for a vote on November 3rd, yes or no


This flag will be voted on during the November 3rd election by all the voters of Mississippi, after being chosen by a commission.

If the majority votes yes, it immediately becomes the official flag of Mississippi. If the majority votes no, the commission must choose another flag and the another election would have to be held.

However, public sentiment appears to be positive.

I don’t get a vote, but would vote YES.

So yes or no.


Nice looking flag.

It looks nice to me. Yes.

I vote yes… but that flower may be seen as feminine to the Republican men.

That is a stamen in the middle of that flower, very manly. :rofl:


It’s Mississippi’s choice, right? I say go for it.

Yes. Nice



Magnolia is too detailed and the small stars make it look too busy for a flag but whatever pops their corn.

I still prefer the Stennis but a design based on the beautiful magnolia was my second choice.

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Good Lord. The 20 stars represent Mississippi being the 20th state to join the union.

I would say A It looks nice.

B it’s none of my business.


This one accidently made the list of finalists for a while instead of the intended hospitality flag. :smile:

It would have worked better for Florida or Alaska, where the mosquito is the State Bird. :smile:

An attractive flag if they want another flag. How long before protests start over the “In God we Trust” part?

Nicer than my state flag, worse than my city flag.