New Mexico "Militia" Detaining Illegals On The Border

A right-wing militia group has begun stopping migrant families at gunpoint in southern New Mexico and detaining them before U.S. Border Patrol agents arrive, The New York Times reported Friday.

Ok, since I believe this to be more important than just another bunch of loons on the border, let’s try this again. @moonshine I would have PMd you to try again, but your profile is hidden.

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Why is this more than just another bunch of loons?

New Mexico, for one. Not the usual area and the sheriffs have been making a stand lately.

Why are the sheriffs important? Posse comitatus.

Citizen’s Arrest is a common law concept rooted in long time ago England. It still exists there, called “any person arrest”. Canada also has it.

In the US, it was common, especially in the west. New Mexico.

I’ve been doing some studying on militias as well. This case brings together a lot of different elements, many of which have fallen dormant in our “civilized” society. Another one is the people acting in the absence of the government doing so. Definitely the case with illegal immigration.

Add in the ever growing increase in numbers due mostly to the thriving economy, their getting assistance in manipulating the laws, the obvious inflammatory nature of the press on all sides of the issue and other factors I’m sure you will name and we have what I believe to be a storm brewing. Not to mention the rhetoric by pols whoring for votes.



In a related note, here is a post from the militia’s Facebook page:

It would appear as though they are sponsored. Oh well… :frowning:

When the government fails to do its job, someone else will. If we don’t want people doing the government’s job for them, then the government needs to do their job.

Crappy leadership breeds crappy environments. Every time.


Fundraising is not necessarily sponsorship.

Why now though? Why not before?

I wish I knew who was sponsoring them. “Fundraising” is convenient for ano-nomi-nimity, and they’re just now receiving meaningful press exposure.

It is if donations are made. Each person who gives so much as a dime is sponsoring the cause, whatever that may be.

Please do not create lower looping rabbit holes to lead arguments away from the main topic.


how does one deterime if someone is “Illegal”

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Given the low amount, it probably is fund raising from individual donors. People will give to almost anything now because of how easy it is.

I wouldn’t focus too much on that part of it. If they continue to have “success”, no doubt it will become an issue.

I want to know who, if anyone, is sponsoring them legally. Is somebody shielding them from the governor? Ate the sheriffs refusing to act?

By watching them cross.

Good questions. Waiting for a leader perhaps? Waiting for the Mueller report?

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This doesn’t strike me as a stunt that would be pulled in an impromptu manner. They would have to have adequate legal protection or the local tyrants could shut them down in a hurry.

I’m all for the people stepping up where the government fails, but I’ve been lied to before, ya know?

so they collect proof of them crossing illegal? or do they just detain them without asking questions.

Agreed. Looking at that bit you posted from their web page, they aren’t at all sophisticated. That doesn’t mean the next one won’t be.

They watch them cross.

Just for the record, I’m not a fan.

What could possible go wrong with a bunch of idiots detaining people, you think they are fundraising to build their own prison next.

Just wait till one of them kill a migrant.

This new-found fame is what makes their “company” ripe for a buyout.

There is little doubt from their communications they feel legitimized by the President’s rhetoric as much if not more than the inaction of Congress.

I also have no doubt the illegals are emboldened by the rhetoric of the libs.

And the media will ensure the gas gets thrown on the fire.

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Great point.