New Forum is a Welcome Surprise


I need to find my Gettysburg cannon photo. I took that in the Devils Den section just after they were refurbished in 2005.


Sam the eagle will have to do.


Good choice.


Testing to see if old smilies work. :wave:


Not exactly. :floppy_disk:

Lots more new ones though.


I lost mine (the original footcast).

I’ll have to figure out how to copy from my old account.




Filipino Singles ADS?
What kinda of Ad targeting is that ?
Can I get the Russian Target Ads please instead :slight_smile:


Go to an old forum post and right-click the image. In the context menu you will have some options to access an avatar resized copy. You can save that image.



I get ads relating to stuff I googled.

My current ads include

  • mesh gloves (for butchers etc.)
  • xtra tuff boots, (for butchers, comm. fishermen etc.)
  • christian single ladies
  • asian single ladies
  • a lot more.


O, I didn’t google for Christian ladies. I looked up divorce laws. lol


I have E-rugs, Meet Beautiful Thai women, World class Desktop

Yea not sure where I am getting these ads from


They must know y’all are men. I do not get any sexy man ads :frowning:


Just right click it, Save As…


Looks like I am going to be confused for while with some posters having different user names. Need to get my avatar up and running also.


Hard sometimes for old Codgers. :smiley:


This is going to be fun …


I aint telling


Uh huh. I think I see it now. The little bubble. How do you multi quote?


thats interesting, i can see someone replying