New Forum - I'm Officially A Fan

Well done fellows. Thanks for all the effort. As the person with the most posts on the old forum, I declare the new forum to be uber cool.

GW, thanks again for the 2nd Amendment sub.


Agreed. It’s an improvement in every way.

I admit to being skeptical at first, and it’s still going to take some getting used to, but the new forum definitely seems nice.

Agreed. Nice upgrade.

Agreed. One of the coolest features is that when you leave and come back later to a thread, you are directed to the next post made after your departure. That way you don’t have to miss anything.

I really like that.


At first we were all like “wah wah wah, doom and gloom” then it was “hey, this is some good stuff!”

The old forum had the same feature, at least in the mobile version.

Same here. When I took a first look, the brightness made me shake my head a little, but I’m getting used to dealing with this now. But as I said in another post, maybe a thread with user tips would be a help.

There is a dark theme in preferences if you are interested.

Yeah, I just found it. For some reason, not all the wording is showing up the same way. Not sure if that’s my browser or what.

At first I thought it was fixing what ain’t broke. But now I’m a fan, too.

Well…maybe I’ll get a few “likes” for being honest.
I am too old to welcome any kind of change.
So…here we go. I DON’T LIKE IT.:disappointed::upside_down_face:



I went ahead and gave you a pity “like”.

(Said in all humor.)


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This certainly is better geared to the mobile user.

Where are ‘preferences’?

I’m with you Spade…I went through many Hannity Forum changes and griped…but maybe because I’m on a PC, I don’t see the benefit of this whole new site. But as always, I’ll stick with it. Used to be easier to find ‘helpful hints’ instead of stumbling on to them.

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Click on your profile picture in the upper right. You will then see a small gear looking thing in the upper right of that pop up that says “Preferences” when you hover over it. You can then find the theme option under the Interface section.

It’s under account, not preferences.

It’s under interface in your preferences.

Ima need a few days to check it out and then I’ll let y’all know if he’s right or not. When do I get a sig?