New England Patriots owner arrested


Forced labor of all sorts should be illegal…


Odds that Fat Donald has not joined in with his sexually-deviant buddies?


As I said, everything the MAGAts accuse others of doing is just projection.


I highly doubt you were surprised.


He was surprised…that he got caught


I couldn’t help noticing this part reading up on it.

“I’m also told that Robert Kraft is not the biggest name involved down there in South Florida,” Schefter said.

There’s no word on who the biggest name is, and it’s unclear why the authorities in Florida would name Kraft publicly but not name this bigger name. But it appears that this story is going to get significant traction, and not go away quietly as Kraft would surely prefer.

Wonder who “they” are and why they didn’t release those names. :thinking:


It could be that it’s someone who is protected by law from being indicted and they feel releasing that name would be futile.


Seems like they got the list pretty easily.


I don’t see any bigger names in there than Kraft’s. Am I missing something?


I was just thinking the same thing


Yeah, I don’t know. Some sports writer was told there’s bigger names. Who knows?


Partial list. Police say there’s more 200 suspects.

edit: apparently the number originally reported was overinflated but there is more to come

“This is a complex case that has been going on for months,” said Sheriff William Snyder in Tuesday a press conference. “We have dozens and dozens of arrests yet to come."


That explains it. Thanks.


“over inflated”…well, that’s ironic.


I have a feeling that if it is true a bigger name than Kraft’s will be revealed, it won’t be in the form of misdemeanor solicitation like Kraft is being charged with. It’ll likely involve something more nefarious and criminal, like money laundering. From reports I’ve read, several millions in assets have been seized in the sting.


The women came from China on temporary work visas via airplane.


Hmmmm. Aren’t those temporary work visas really hard to get?


No Dennison?


If Kraft knew this was human trafficking, he shouldnt just have to sell the team, he should rot in gen pop prison.


Agreed. But as of right now it looks like he’s just being charged with soliciting a prostitute. He won’t even get a slap on the wrist for that.


i doubt kraft had any vested interest in the business operation which is the line between human trafficking and being a john…