New England Patriots owner arrested


I’ll show myself out now…


Hasn’t been a good week for pedos, sexual deviants and serial rapists.


The MAGA and dumb as ■■■■ Q world was fixated on child sex rings, and now it turns out that abusing children and sex trafficking is what the MAGA and Q world is all about.


Patriots really do cheat at everything.


He’ll be fined and suspended from contact from the team for a while.


Prostitution shouldn’t be illegal.


Sounds like it all ends up with a happy ending





Human trafficking and forced slavery-style prostitution should be.


Of course. I guess I assumed “between two consenting adults” was implied in my post.


Oh no, I got that. I was merely expanding on your point with the relevant information as we know it in this situation. These were allegedly sex-slaves being held against their will, fulfilling these sick men’s fantasies. This does not appear to be mere “consenting adults” sort of a situation.


Oh, yeah, I didn’t realize that. If that’s the case and Kraft knew about it I hope he dies in jail.


Wonder who the other big name is they didn’t mention? Please let it be a politician. I love it when those scumbags get caught up in this type of mess


Not one bit.


Palm Beach and Jupiter are like 20 miles apart.


Ugh. Hadn’t seen that, yet.


Now I need to go watch videos of people rescuing dogs or something.


Kraft is big trump guy.

Right on eve of manafort filings.

Did Cohen know?

Tune in tonight at 8


Unbelievable that this ■■■■ still happens in our country.


So do I, but unfortunately he can only be charged with a misdemeanor solicitation charge. But there are others that will be in a world of trouble over this.


Absolutely horrible. Appalling.