New England Patriots owner arrested

…and a course of antibiotics…

She will need to go get tested

Are they married?

Either way these trophy “wives” know they are little more then arm candy and after party relief, so long as they get their end of the bargain…I cant imagine this coming as a surprise

I am gonna keep stealing them:

“A Prostitution Ring? That makes seven”


Great healthcare coverage is built into the contract, so no worries there

If it’s true, he should sell the team immediately. Might never get a higher value for it, and he will be a major distraction.



Yes and Trump supporters will still be way more outraged by uppity Kap taking a knee than the Patriots owner participating in sex trafficking. I mean they were against sex trafficking a few weeks ago but they’re onto other stuff now.

Process crime.

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I mean, this just totally encapsulates the general scuminess I already associated with the Pats. Yes this is horrible, but I’m still laughing.

Seriously, just fly first class to Thailand or somewhere else where you can get away with that sort of thing.

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Cons bitched ad nauseum about Kaepernick. Saying he would bring down the NFL. But the truth is that ■■■■ like this is really the NFL’s problem. Players causing trouble off the field. Scumbag billionaire owners. This is what will eventually condemn the NFL.

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I can’t wait to see the photoshopped Pats logos. Like the one with the spyglasses after they were caught stealing signals.

I wonder if fat donald will make a statement or send out a tweet about his buddy getting arrested.

I guessing Bob won’t be visiting the White House with his team in the near future.

Bob Kraft? I hardly knew the guy. -fat donald

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Kraft isnt married. His wife died in 2011 and he hasnt remarried.

According to ESPN, Kraft is not the biggest name caught up in this sting. :popcorn:

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Hmmmm. Kraft is a pretty big name.

Popcorn is on order. And floss. I can’t stand popcorn. Gets between my teeth.

Might be worth it for this and, if this doesn’t pan out, the Manafort sentencing filing should make the popcorn worth it.