New England Patriots and Tom Brady bite the dust!

Time for the Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Song. :smile:

Final score Tennessee 20, New England 13.

All is well with the NFL now. :smile:

Yes, this did need its own damn thread. :smile:

He forgot to deflate his balls :cry:

Seahawks fan here. Long time hate for the Cheatriots. Good riddance.


That Patriots team had no chance in the playoffs this year. They dropped out several weeks ago. Not like the unexpected loss they had to Denver in 2015.

My only rooting interest this year was for the Patriots to lose. It came one game sooner than I thought, which was an added bonus. Didn’t watch much game though and won’t be watching much if any of the rest of them either.

A lovely song

Not at all a Tom Brady fan.

Congratulations to Tennessee!