NEW DEMOCRATS: Ocasio-Cortez Says Omar’s Hateful Venezuela Rant ‘Feels Like Justice’ | Sean Hannity

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defended Ilhan Omar’s vicious rant against US Special Envoy Elliott Abrams Wednesday; saying the Congresswoman’s outrageous accusations of ‘Venezuelan Genocide’ felt “like justice.”

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“Birds of a feather . . .” two twits who should never have been elected, and who chirp way too much, without sufficient background to know what they are tweeting!!!

Of course Abbynormal Obnoxious Catastrophe would agree. She is the one who introduced the Green Deal, the Blitzkrieg to take America out. Literally. Enemies within. Both came from other countries. Yet hold no allegiance. Let them keep talking, the Green Deal has exposed the goals of the Demonicrat party completely. I don’t think they meant that to happen. But ole big mouth let it slip.
Cut 99% of cars, that brought if not the car industry but every sound minded American to Trump.
No oil or gas, that brought those industries to Trump.
No meat, that brought all the ranchers and meat industry to Trump.

They want to turn America into the countries they left and then sit in the seat of power and watch us die. Looks like ulterior motives to me based on hatred and revenge.

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I agree, she and AOC are a embarrassment to the people and districts they represent.
Also they are a embarassment to our country as whole.
I hope the people they represent in Congress have the foresight to vote them out in 2020.
We all know what would happen if they both were republicans. It would be non stop coverage.
Speaker Pelosi needs to put end to the sideshow and work with the President to make our country even better.

Well, Good luck with voting them out… The people that have the babies, have the country. So they are well represented in their districts and in those districts, constituencies there isn’t an ounce of American feeling, goals, or culture…

So welcome to our new America or maybe it’s goodbye…
We will certainly see quite shortly…

She is from Somalia, now is that not where the pirates attacked innocent ships
capture them hold them for ransom, murder some of them. where the only virgins
are the girls who can run faster than their father and brothers so by the time they
are 12 they have known their fathers, brothers, uncles and friends of daddy.
When she is married she is well accustomed to men and her husband is probably
30 or 40 years older than she is when she is married at 12 or 13. they talk from
where they sit, they have no knowledge of what this country was founded on, they
are used to living in a poor village, their customs arethose of 1000 years ago and
that is how they exist, 1000 years in the past. We the people of the United States
do not care about your pipe dreams, we are not Socialists,we believe in a peace
loving GOD notyour kind of GOD who believes it is okay to rape, murder, sell
women and children into slavery, you are in the past, your cover your head not
to attract Normal men, you attract one kind only, there is incest in your world
because homosexuality in BOTH men and women is your norm, you wear robes
to show you are different and you are, different is a modern world where your world
is that of the men who use you in mind, in spirit and in your body, you have a
and yet the ignorant masses who voted for an ignorant little girl with no common
sense only a submissive attitude to men who control her just like the slave she is.

Omar, Ocasio-Cortez and Talib should be expelled from Congress because they’re never going to change their stance. The three of them have a deep seated hate against the United States and Israel. They have infiltrated our Congress mainly to turn the U. S. upside down where we, the citizens of the United States will be at the bottom to suffer and they will be at the top living it up. The three women should be told to resign from Congress. Ocasio-Cortez’ ideas of the future for this country are very telling of what she wants to accomplish and that is the destruction of the United States as we know it. Get rid of them - they DON’T belong in our Congress.

I don’t recognize this country anymore, who elected these people and why??
This is no longer the America I grew up in and its only going to get worse…

Omar and Cortez are ignorant and embarrassment to the United States. They represent thier own agenda not the best interest of the citezens. Omars rant shows you she on her own agenda as a muslim not a Americ an to represent muslims. They are both smug and unpatriotic.
Acting like 3 year olds. I guess you can;t fix stupid!!!

It is because we have Second Amendment that we still have the First Amendment. However perhaps we need a FIrat Amendment amendment. A Part “a.” if you will. One that requires the political personage to provide DIRECT PROOF that the garbage they are spewing has been researched and PROVEN a FACT.

We all know, “Opinions are like ■■■■■■■■■■ Perhaps ■■■■■■■■ should be required to speak the truth when their garbage is spread throughout the media.

Part “a.” Truth in media requirement. All those in places of authority and supported by the Media are required by the US Constitution and Constitutional Law to provide proven FACT to support the invective they promote.

LOL I find it funny a term heard on prime time television as “a-hole” is would be censored here.

As I see it ilhan Omar needs her citizenship stripped and to be deported. She clearly is against the U.S. on all angles. She is a muslim Somalian, not a U.S. patriotic citizen.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has sided with her on this unpatriotic political view thus actively working against the U.S. . That in my book makes her also a traitor and she should be stripped of her citizenship and then deport her to Venezuela. There she can see first hand how her precious socialism does not work.

These two are the poster kids of what is evil in the world. The scum that follow them are a threat, but easily dealt with if we have the courage to do it, and believe me one day we will if we want to revive the Constitution. The war of independence was instigated by far less.

Neither or those 2 know squat about life or our history as a Nation, and they are Reps for their States? I can’t believe that they are allowed to serve in any party? Not smarter than a 5th grader, shouldn’t be allowed to serve as a Rep in any position of Gov. An if our Reps want to serve our States they should bring a bill up on the floor that would protect our Country from just such shenanigans! Perhaps it should start with, IF Your Not Smarter than a 5th Grader.

I’m sorry, but you must know that this rant and the verbiage is only the beginning! These are only two females, congresswomen and Muslim- can you imagine an entireparty or party leaders who represent these views? Will anything be accomplished in congress? What will happen when the “takers” outnumber the “givers” or supporters? Each election will produce more and more of this sample. Eventually, the country will be totally Socialist and/or Muslim. America will no longer exist, and unless something flows in the streets, will never be America again!! One more election, maybe two or three at the most and the deed is done.

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I remind you of the Obama election. Obama won with electoral votes because he carried the population. Find the map showing the states he carried to get the popular vote: McCain carried all states except the NE; New York, etc etc. High density population, high density welfare. That is all it will take for the next Presidential election with other socialist running; Another Obama/Socialist win, more programs and then another election…etc etc Think…

Whats good for the Goose. Is good for people who behave like these. Attack them in the house. To their faces. Before they have been tutored on what to say and how to react. But your Rep.s dont seem to have any bottle.

What I would like to see is these women, stand up against the abuses in their home countries, yet I don’t see that- why did they come here if their countries are so great?- it is the obvious answer- they are safe and free here, but they don’t seem to appreciate that- is there any liberal reporter that will ask them why they are here, and why they are attacking the very country that has given them an opportunity that would never happen in their home country?- no, the liberal
media will never go there- this is America, not your country, but they have been propped up, supported, elected, but not challenged by their own party- I have never in my 58 yrs of living, understood why any seemingly rational person would want to see your own country self destruct?- do the people who vote for these people not understand that our country is in danger of being destroyed, and that all of us have to live with the fallout?- who will they blame then?- you can see the results of liberalism- the people who caused the mess in liberal cities/states flee, the rich flee, the Gov(Cuomo), says what happens when the rich leave our city?- what more do these people need to see?- liberals are so dumb, braindead, confused, and deceived, yet when people try to wake them up, they get angry and resist- I don’t get it

I wish,(but will never see) these same liberals go hard after their own people- they can’t wait to get Republicans in front of them, so they can attack them(which they accused the Republicans of doing), but when they have the power, and they do the same thing, it is different- all they want to do is use their power to attack Republicans- they have no solutions to help the American people- what is their plan- AOC’s new grief deal, that will bankrupt america?- why are they on the committees?- it certainly isn’t to do anything of substance- it is let me get at those Republicans- I, want to ram them embarrass them, and humiliate them for my own self serving interests- some in the GOP, I hate to say are weak- they may not have the power in congress, but I can promise you, they should go after the Dems, do what they can to scorch them, and make them unhappy- just blast them, the way they blast the GOP- stop being nice sometimes- get a spine- tired of seeing the GOP being rolled over by the Dems, and they just back up- ridiculous

It’s already happening in mass. According to Jeff Sessions Website from 2018, Muslims come to this and other Western countries expecting to collect “Blood Tax” (Welfare) from the infidel for life. They have no intention of integrating or becoming productive people. Muslims alone as of 2016 (His Website) cost American Tax payers 80B per year, almost 1/3rd of the total cost of 300M. This is insane. This is not constitutional, it is not American.

Omar’s Venomous tongue and attitude against the American people is shameful and an embarrassment to this country. She is acting like The Devils Nun vs a representative of this great nation. And her little buddy Ms. Ocasio-Venezuela acts like an 8 year old child watching a Disney movie, thinking she lives in a Disney Land fantasy. Running a country is serious business and the tax paying citizens of this country cannot let the government and our future be held hostage buy an almost illiterate, extremist, jew hating muslim that is in breach of the oath she took to uphold the constitution and serve the American people; and a woman that acts like she has the IQ of an 8 year old girl and not a very bright one. This cannot be our congress…at least not for long.