NEW DEAL DISASTER: WaPo SLAMS ‘Green New Deal’ as Ineffective, Unfocused, Unachievable

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ ‘Green New Deal’ continued to come under fire this week, with the left-leaning Washington Post slamming the program as ineffective, unfocused, and unachievable.

“We believe such a plan can be efficient, effective, focused and achievable,” said the Post’s Editorial Board Sunday. “The Green New Deal proposed by congressional Democrats does not meet that test.”

“It’s also true that good intentions are not sufficient. There are a lot of bad ideas out there,” added the newspaper. “The Green New Deal that some Democrats have embraced is case in point.”

“Good intentions will not solve the global warming crisis. Massive social reform will not protect the climate. Marshaling every dollar to its highest benefit is the strongest plan. Our Green New Deal would do that,” concluded the board.

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