New coronavirus policy from Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean announced a new policy related to the coronavirus. The policy says:

The CDC characterizes contact with an individual as coming within six feet (2M) of a person. . . There will be mandatory specialized health screenings performed on . . .Guests who are uncertain about contact with individuals who have traveled from, to or through mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau in the past 15 days.

For the full policy see:

My observation is that going through an airport or boarding a plane or train means that you are within 6 feet of hundreds of people. There is no practical way to say with certainty that none of them have traveled from, to, or through China. That is especially true for travel through countries that do not have a travel ban with China.

It sounds like there will be a lot of “specialized screenings”.

Has anyone have any experience with the new policy?