New Auto Tariffs Anyone?

A confidential government report has provided President Donald Trump with a legal rationale to impose heavy new tariffs on foreign cars as soon as this spring, a prospect fiercely opposed by White House officials and congressional Republicans alarmed by its enormous economic and political stakes.

So Trump’s economic folks are against it. Republicans on the hill are pissed because the administration won’t turn over the report. Trump has about 60 more days to make a decision. What do you think happens?
I think that Trump will view this through the lens that he can say it is all about protecting the American auto workers. What say you?

Nice…We have the greatest market in the world,why not charge for access to it?

All the lefts favorite countries use tariffs… They may not know that, like they don’t know how much the poor is taxed in Norway.

I think it depends on what Fox News tells him to do about it.


^^^^^^* still doesn’t understand who pays the tariff^^^^^^^


“If you close these plants and build your cars in Mexico, I’m going to slap a 35% tariff on them and no one will buy them.” - Donald Trump, 2016

U.S. products face an average 3% tariff going to Norway.

Their taxes have nothing to do with this thread.

That depends on the amount of the increase. Some may decide not to raise prices to keep market share. I don’t see a major increase in the cost Chinese goods with the 10% tariff, do you?

President Donald Trump’s push to impose a tariff on imported cars and parts, along with other goods already subject to tariffs, could lead to a U.S. economic depression, some industry experts predict.

From his past comments it is clear that Trump doesn’t have a clue on how international trade works.
And I wonder if he is aware of the impact on American workers his tariffs on aluminum and steel had.
Will he listen to his economic advisers who are against this deal. Or does he know more then they do?

I was not talking about Noway’s tariff, I was talking about their income taxes and sales taxes on their poor and low income workers.

Yeah, off topic.

How many times have you been to Norway to experience this? Not by way of AM radio but yo really go there…

Sounds like a he’s protecting American jobs… I guess some dems don’t want those jobs …

Neither do Republicans.

They’re both what are called “Neoliberals”

Some American car dealerships need to go bankrup to save us all.

What income taxes on the poor?

No, that comment was made as part of the topic. That leftist countries, you like, use tariffs…

They impose an income tax on the first 2000 dollars of income. Or near that amount. Then they have high sales taxes, and VAT taxes to boot.

Yeah, 3% for the country you mentioned.

Prices rise no matter what.

That is the point of a tariff, to raise the price of the cheap foreign good so the more expensive domestic good can compete.

No one is buying access to our market, no foreign country is getting taxed… the end consumer artificially pays more. That’s it.


Typical leftist static analysis…