New 9/11 Judge at Guantánamo Quits After 2 Weeks


Guantanamo has become a total ■■■■■■■ joke.

It is time to put an end to this farce.

Bring the detainees you want to prosecute to the United States for trial in the Article III Courts.

Unconditionally release the remainder.

The Military Commissions are a giant ■■■■■■■ joke.


I applaud the Judge for his integrity but question the system that placed him there? What he stated was obvious prior to him being assigned so…why was he assigned this task in the first place?

I don’t find it such a joke.

It is a difficult situation. Quitting a tough task isn’t impressive. Performing it is.


I actually asked myself the exact same question. You think they would have checked that sort of thing before they assigned him down there.

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It has been 14 years and the Military Commissions have accomplished almost nothing, just a couple of relatively minor convictions and some of the convictions they did get were overturned.

Many of the detainees at Guantanamo are either geriatric or have become disabled over time and no longer present a credible threat to American troops if they are sent back. We are leaving Afghanistan, so any detainees from that conflict should be released when we leave.

Guantanamo Bay, on the whole, has become a joke.

And it is an EXPENSIVE joke.

If you truly want to try some of these detainees, send them to the United States for trial in the Article III Courts. Release the rest and shut down Guantanamo Bay.

Where is Congress on this?

Congress has pretty much been part of the problem, not the solution, especially the stupid ban on bring detainees to the United States. They need to repeal that ban and get out of the way of justice.

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no. they are not criminals, they are enemies and need to be held until they are no longer a vthreat if released. equating the status of “enemy” with “criminal” is a huge mistake.

How do we know this?

Keeping it all running is just an easy paycheck now. Hell, where do I sign up?

in the same way we know who are enemies were in every other war, the executive says so. they have the opportunity to prove otherwise in the tribunal system, the onus is on them. this is not a issue of crime.

This system has clearly failed. Give them a federal trial or send them on their way.

it has not failed. they are enemies being held in confinement to protect the nation, as it should be.

Protecting us from what?

They are literally building a geriatric wing at Guantanamo as many of these detainees are aged and many others are disabled as a result of torture received at black sites.

They are a danger to no one.

Send them home.

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from the enemies that it holds

so was bin laden. was he less dangerous?

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Again, how do we know they are enemies and want to do us harm? Without a proper trial these are just people being held indefinitely. Where’s the evidence? What cause do the military have for keeping them locked up. Give them a trial or let them go.

there you go again. being an enemy is not a crime, the geneva convention prevents one from being tried for it. it is a status. there is no trial where the government has to prove they are enemies, and can’t be one. they have the opportunity to prove the status is wrong, the onus is on them. there is no presumption of innocence because there is no crime for them to be innocent of. one is not guilty or innocent of being an enemy, one simply is or is not. whether one is, is an executive decision having no place in any court. courts are not responsible for national security or the disposition of epw’s. the congress and the executive are.

How easy is it for terrorists sympathetic to these detainees to get into Gitmo?

How easy is it for terrorists sympathetic to these detainees to get into the U. S.?