Never underestimate the power of stupid

Ok, I admit I think most of what liberals do is stupid, but I don’t actually think most liberals are stupid, just misguided.

I have to make an exception though with current liberal rock star AOC. This woman exemplifies stupid in every sense of the word. I can’t even stand to type her name, but you know who I’m talking about. From here on out, I’ll just refer to her as Nutzio-Cortez.

I have to ask, liberals especially: what the hell are you thinking here?? If her age, education and life experience doesn’t disqualify her from becoming so influential so quickly, how can making stupid claims like the world is going to end in 12 years or comparing the separation of children and parents at our border to Nazi death camps, not cause you liberals to finally tell her to shut her stupid mouth so she doesn’t make a laughing stock of liberalism and blow your slim chance of victory in 2020?

I detest Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. I think they are evil human beings, but I give them credit for being able to gain their positions and hold them, it took them years to do so. Now along comes Nutzio-Cortez and in mere months, has Pelosi, Schumer and now even a former vice president ( himself a political veteran) jumping through hoops and making bigger jack-asses of themselves by adopting Nutzio-Cortez’ insane positions.

Have you libs lost your collective minds???


Conservatives have elevated her far more than liberals ever did. They have gone out of their way in attempts to demonize her, to harp on every small misstatement, and to mock her for things as frivolous as daring to dance when she was in college.

I appreciate her energy and her fearlessness. She is far from perfect, but she is attempting to drive both the party and the country in a different direction that is sorely needed. And frankly? I would pay to watch her debate the Republican Party standard bearer on a whole host of policies because I bet her knowledge of the issues and work ethic to learn more dwarf what he is capable of.


No she didnt…

Looks like some pretty knowledgeable people agree with AOC.

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Pelosi and Schumer are evil human beings? Look, I don’t agree with many of their positions, but to think they’re evil? I really wonder about some people.


Trumpist talking about the power of stupid. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


The holocaust didn’t happen over night, it wasn’t a big secret.

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It was a toss up between evil and stupid. Chuck and Nancy know better and support Nutzio -Cortez anyway. That’s evil…

Wait…so ya’ll are really comparing the willful illegal entry into our country and detainment due to that illegal action with the deliberate detention of Jews who did nothing other than exist?

Oh, do please carry on.

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no I’m comparing the method in which a government dehumanize a population to allow them to exploit and abuse them.


How about the stripping away of basic humanity and the depths some on the right have gone to demonize these people as “invaders” or act as if they are all members of violent gangs? We separated families without even making the effort to collect names so that we could one day reunify them. That is how little these people meant to the people in charge.


Look at the message from Republican running up to the midterm they suggesting America were going to be invaded, raped and murdered by a horde of criminal…

did that ever happen? No that is clear dehumanization which allow them to abuse Refugee because they are no longer viewed as equal.

Again no one is suggesting the government is going to start mass murdering ANYONE.
but you can’t ignore the reality of what is happening.

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What about it?

The two are not alike in any way.

We have kids being kept in cages for weeks on end. There are government entities that mysteriously stopped counting the number of deaths under their watch. And on top of it all there exist the Republican political/media leaders who have not just ignored the suffering of refugees, but openly mocked and demonized them.

And then people wonder why people start to draw parallels between this and other examples of mass incarceration in the past?

Mass incarceration is not like mass incarceration?

I’m sure you see no possible comparison with the way Japanese Americans were treated here with concentration camps either?

Yeah, we know. Obama would never keep people in cages would he?

Quit acting acting like this is a new ■■■■■■■ action by the government.

do you think Germany just woke up one day and said “lets murder 11 million people” and the population was like “ya that is a great idea”

your ignoring 20 + years of history.

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Illegally entering the country and being detained for such illegal action vs. being incarcerated for being Jewish.

Yeah, exactly the ■■■■■■■ same. :roll_eyes:

Keep defending her remark. Please.

first off its not illegal to enter America undocumented if your a refugee.

careful you’ll be attacked as being “obsessed” with AOC

the left hates when their own idiocy is thrust in their beady red eyed faces