Never-Trump Would’ve Handed Democrats 6-3 Supreme Court Majority

Just look at the hell these Never Trumpers would have unleashed during the Supreme Court term that just ended.

Cake artists forced to participate in same-sex weddings.
Public employees forced to contribute to Democrat campaigns through forced union dues.
Pro-life clinics forced by the state to advertise for abortion clinics.
States not allowed to clean up their own outdated voter rolls.

Instead Leftists have taken over the Democrat Party and their open borders anti-ICE derangement is so unpopular with DEMOCRATS I predict a huuuge Red Tsunami wave at the mid-terms.

Plus another Supreme Court Judge when Ruth Buzi retires.

Are you talking about Garland? The guy almost all the republican Senators thought was a great judge?

If Ruth Buzi and Margaret Sanger had a child.

Just stop with the lies. Democrats have never and will never be for open borders. And the talk about replacing ICE is that we believe that prior to 2003 the INS did a much more efficient job. Look at the facts and tell me I am wrong.

Yup, get rid of it and start something better. What is wrong with that. It would have to be done by congress where both sides would have to agree.


Why whine about something that never happened?

I have heard if “sore losers” but dang there sure are an awful lot of Right Wing “sore winners”.



You misread it. Not a sore winner. A thankful winner.

Our Second Amendment civil rights would have vanished, illegal aliens would have won the right to vote, international law would have superseded the Constitution, and using the issue of gay marriage, our Church would have been effectively dismantled.

All of this was on the line — everyone knew it — and those of us who Never Trump smeared as racist, backwards, ignorant deplorables conned into voting for Trump knew this was on the line. And still, Never Trump sided with CNN and campaigned for Hillary Clinton.

What’s more, we now know that when Never Trump said it was driven by “muh principles,” by moral issues, that was also a big fat lie.

Just the type of article that I would expect of Brietbart. Don’t these guys have anything else to write about instead of what would have happened if Hillary had won? And the one piece missing here is that she would have had to nominate a candidate that would have to get past a Republican majority Senate.

You misunderstood. Its documenting how Never Trumpers lied, betrayed the principles they claimed to believe.

They were “hirelings”, faux conservatives in it for the prestige pretending to be conservative, gave them.

It was a job. As Trump wouldn’t pay them for their bad advice, ,they spurned him.

The irony is strong with this one. ^^^^^

No I get it. From the article:

These nihilistic peacocks all put their personal vanity above the fate of their own country, and only a few have shown the integrity and humility necessary to admit just how horribly wrong they were.

He is completely wrong on this point. I have listened to all of the folks mentioned in the article. And they considered all aspects of what a Trump versus Clinton presidency would look like. And they all, in one way or another have expressed that they are very concerned about the welfare of our country while Trump is president. They love what the Republican party stands for. And they all believe that their Republican party is in a coma. And they certainly do not like the party of Trump.

The only flaw in your conclusion, its a self contradiction. Trump has enacted every policy Never Trumpers claimed to want, while Hillary would have done the opposite.

Therefore, for them to still lament the election of Trump, even after he did everything they claimed to want for decades, is proof they lied all along.

It wasn’t about the issues, they were paid performers acting out a role they didn’t believe in.

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It is not all about policy. It is about character. If you listen to them you will know that they agree with what he has accomplished (except the tax cuts). It is about the dignity of the office. It is about a president caring for all of the people and not just his base. And it certainly is about the president making decisions that are good for the country and not himself personally. I am sorry that you can not, or are not willing to see his many flaws.

I’m a business man like he is, he gets the job done.

Also, what those establishment types thought “proper” the base always labeled “spineless.” They wouldn’t stand up for themselves, each other or conservative principles.

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Would have been a good thing

Thankful winners move on, they don’t spend nearly two years whining about what never was going to be, they don’t waste so much “winners” time and effort comiserating about what will never be.

You are a sore winner.

Hillary is still living rent free in your head, every single day, she is there, you can’t escape it.


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Which party supports sanctuary cities?

Which party has some members already calling for the abolishing of ICE?

Which party consistently opposes any time of border enforcement or meaningful immigration reform?

Which party wants illegals to eventually be granted citizenship?

You aren’t understanding who the real Never Trump people were. Yes, there were plenty of conservatives who said they would not vote for Trump in the general. But they did NOT suggest voting for Hillary. In fact, they said under no circumstances would they vote for her.

This includes
Ben Shapiro
Jonah Goldberg
David French
Amanda Carpenter
Jay Cost
Erick Erickson
Most of the Red State writers at the time
Stephen Hayes

There are many more than that, but those are the names I came up with on the top of my head.

So who were the Never Trumpers? People like Evan McMcullin, Mike Schmidt and George Will. Trump could find the cure for cancer, and they would still criticize him.

Whereas the people listed above do give Trump credit when he does something conservatives like, and criticize him when he deserves it. A lot of the criticism is about his temperament, which is what started the whole “never Trump” thing to begin with. However it also includes his reckless starting a trade war and imposing tariffs.

So that’s the difference between someone like Ben Shapiro, and a Trump fan boy (or girl). They are consistent in their views. They opposed tariffs before Trump and still do. Whereas the Trump fans support anything he does, even if it is something they used to disagree with.