NEVER MIND! Cortez ‘Retracts’ Info on Green New Deal, Staff Says ‘Mistakes Happen’ | Sean Hannity

Liberal superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “retracted erroneous information” surrounding her Green New Deal this week; with key staffers saying “mistakes happen” after posting an “unfinished fact sheet” regarding the proposal.

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AOC pushes ‘high speed trains’ and I’d like her to tell me how the trains will be powered. Solar? Wind? Water?

This was NO mistake. This was a deliberate release and now that there is so much blow back, they will tweak this nightmare plan and re-release it.

What a load of bovine excrement. The info that they are now trying to retract was exactly what she has been spouting infront of her admiring crowds and the news cameras. All they did was put down in writing what has been coming out her mouth. She just didn’t believe that anyone would disagree with her. For some reason, she is convinced that the rest of us are brain dead.

“Stupid is as stupid does.” - Forrest Gump 1994

A simple mistake doesn’t explain why she sent official representatives onto talk shows to lie about these “mistakes” to the American public. The staffer Mz Cortez sent to Tucker Carlson didn’t say we made a mistake. He blamed it all on Internet Huxters and GOP Trolls. Which their new statement now tacitly admits is a flat out lie. I guess when all else fails the Dims will toss out a insincere apology and the Dim Propaganda Media will, of course, instantly forgive them.

In a way, AOC and her staff are at least being consistent. The GND calls for us to subsidize those who are “unable or unwilling to work,” and set aside our “old fashioned” ideas of expecting performance and competence, and it appears that’s what her constituents will have to do while she is in office.