Never Let a Crisis

…go to waste.

Obama uses worldwide pandemic to push climate change agenda.

■■■■■■■ shameless.


This is the most disgusting tweet I’ve seen by a President lately. Can you believe someone who used to be the leader of the free world would be so crass and childish in a tweet!?


Maybe 5 years from now after Trump finishes out his second term and he also becomes an ex-president, we’ll see something more crass and childish. But so far, this is the worst from a ex-POTUS.

Truly despicable.


Can you believe the president Obama is pushing in science in the midst of a pandemic made worse by people who regularly reject science?


No ones driving, oil companies are going out of business. Covid-19 is the green new deal on steroids.

I mean, it isn’t like we saw this unfold like the whole climate change thing has but instead over decades it was days.

We even have some people still making the argument that yes it is bad but not worth tanking the economy over.

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“Science” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Is it?

■■■■■■■ idiot. Viruses been jump species since beginning of time.

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“Your Society” :woozy_face:

Get out the checkbook. That makes it all better.


Might need a Virus Credit Tax.

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** in my greta thunberg voice **
How dare you, Obama

Why is this “childish”?

Trump set the bar on childishness. This isn’t even in the same universe.

I think I’m confused by the tweet. Is Obama saying the current pandemic was caused or exacerbated by climate change?

We should ignore the juvenile antics and the behavior of a Heather from our president.

Sounds like a cry against globalism to me. Probably high tide in Hawaii when he wrote it.


Don’t continue to ignore the warnings on the effects of climate change like the warnings of the pandemic were ignored.

I don’t know. I was just responding to someone else’s post (not yours) and using the words he used. I even quoted those words, so I know you can read.

Go ask him. (Or do you just pester conservatives, and not your fellow libs?)

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