Netflix: The Witcher Casts. . . .


Henry Cavill as Geralt.



I can’t say I loved his portrayal of Superman, but I’m open to see what comes of it.

I’ve read a few of the Witcher books, and played the most recent two games, and it’s certainly an interesting world.

Loved the game and Netflix makes good productions. Should be fun!

Video game film adaptations are usually horrible.

But I enjoyed Castlevania… I’ll withhold judgement.

The first mortal kombat movie is a guilty pleasure

The video games are adaptations of a series of Polish novels, which I assume will be the basis of the Netflix show as well.

I believe they already made a Polish TV show, and at least one feature film based on them, in addition to the videogames.

Meh, I liked him in Scott pilgrim vs the world even though he had a small part better than his Superman. He looks the part though.

Your mixing up your Supermans. Brandon Routh, who was Superman in Superman Returns, was in Scott Pilgrim. Henry Cavill was not in that movie and hadn’t even been cast yet as Superman.


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That is correct, I have not read the novels but from I understand they are very good. The games are amazing, although I am less thrilled Henry Cavill as Geralt I expected someone with more I dunno swagger…but I will give the series a shot

Ah that makes since I liked the actor in the Superman Returns movie better than the one in the last few movies and the justice league movies.

If you don’t like the first Mortal Kombat, you’re not a patriot.

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I feel like Henry Cavill is 15-20 years too young to play Geralt.

His mopey, low empathy, conflicted Superman was terrible for Superman but probably would be great for Geralt.

The hardest part is going to be accepting a Geralt without Doug Cockle’s ridiculous Dirty Harry voice.

ETA: C o c k l e is censored on here? Lol

The Witcher games are boring and tacky.

I said it.

Gwent is the single greatest game ever invented and it’s a side quest in the game.

Save your disk drive and get the stand-alone

I can see that. Honestly, I place most of the blame for his Superman on Snyder, he’s probably a fine actor. But those movies were so disappointing.

I mean, I understand that Superman is an incredibly hard character to write - but going super-dark was not the answer.

Your wiki is open.

And that’s a good point.

I wonder who they’ll cast as Yennefer.