Netanyahu's coalition collapses; Israel heading to elections on April 9th

Triggered by a dispute over a bill to draft the Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox Jews) into the IDF, Netanyahu’s coalition government fell today. Elections will be held on April 9th.

The Knesset has been ordered by the Israeli Supreme Court to pass a bill providing for drafting Ultra-Orthodox students into the IDF. However, Ultra-Orthodox parties in the coalition have effectively blocked the legislation. Sadly, the Ultra-Orthodox parties are unlikely to disappear from the coalition after the election, so not sure how they are going to finally pass the required legislation. Going to be a vicious election and a messy aftermath.

They’re 12% of the Israeli population, expected to grow to 40% of the Israeli Jewish population by 2065.

Not sure how exactly they think they can keep getting away with special treatment and exemptions.

And the program put in place to integrate the Haredi without conscripting them to the IDF? Riddled with fraud.,7340,L-5188404,00.html

There will be no stopping them once they are a real majority. This issue drives me crazy.

They are a serious problem for the Israeli government and one they have ignored and cultivated at their peril.

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I can’t stand Bibi. I hope he goes down in flames and then tried and convicted for all his crimes.

He belongs with Donald in the trash bin of history.


The first poll following the election announcement indicates that Netanyahu remains popular despite the investigations against him and predicts that his coalition will win another majority in the Knesset.

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