Netanyahu running out of time, new elections may be necessary

Netanyahu must form a government by Wednesday, or new elections must be called.

The problem is that he requires the support of both the ultra-nationalists and the Ultra-Orthodox to achieve the 61 seats necessary to form a government and these two groups intensely loath one another.

Of course, I have no use for the Ultra-Orthodox in Israel. A bunch of over-entitled bastards who don’t have to lift so much as a finger to defend their State, while looking down at the rest of Israeli society as lower forms of life whose only purpose is to support the Ultra-Orthodox. They get endless privileges and entitlements that are not available to non-Orthodox Jews in Israel.

The ultra-nationalists are insisting that the Ultra-Orthodox be liable for military service under a proposed conscription bill, so it is not surprising that the Ultra-Orthodox are having a full meltdown temper tantrum and refusing to permit a new government to form.

While I am not a fan of the ultra-nationalists either, it is WAY, WAY, WAY beyond time that the Ultra-Orthodox in Israel are knocked off their high horse for good. They should have no privileges or entitlements, except for those available to ALL Israeli citizens, whether Jewish, Christian or Muslim.

And frankly, the United States should cut its military support for Israel until the Ultra-Orthodox are completely stripped of all their special privileges and put on an equal basis with all other Israeli citizens.


Ultra-nationalist and Ultra-Orthodox two of the worst parties in the country.


OP, do you support another term for BN?

Not really, trouble is, many of the potential alternatives to him are not that appealing either.

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Netanyahu is not in this for the best interests of the US. “We” are a useful pawn.

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Israel looks out for the best interests of Israel.

Too bad the spy Pollard had to be released after 28 years.

Spies deserve life imprisonment.


Just passing 5:00 am in Jerusalem, Israel. Netanyahu is down to his last few hours, before the Knesset must pass a dissolution bill and call new elections.

There is another possibility, in the very unlikely event that the bill fails to pass and this last day expires. The President of Israel could call on the leader of Blue and White to try to form a government. However, the chances of that happening are just about zero %.

Either Netanyahu pulls off a last second deal or new elections will likely be held in September.

That dude is as skilled a politician as any I’ve ever seen; he’ll likely find a way

It is coming up on 8:30 pm in Jerusalem.

3 1/2 hours to the deadline.

Netanyahu is getting ******* desperate at this point, having offered the Defense portfolio to the Labor Party in return for their joining the government, they declined.

At the article says, everybody is digging in their heels and not budging.

Appeal notwithstanding, would any of them be able to form the necessary 61-seat government?

The partisan dysfunction in Israel kinda looks like what we have here. (Defeat the other side, even at the cost of harming the nation in the process.)

not even close.

we only have two sides here.

In Israel. Many.


11 to be exact.


Herding cats is the metaphor to use here. :smile:

It will be difficult for anybody to form a government as long as the ultra-nationalists and the Ultra-Orthodox remain at each others throat. Unlikely Likud would accept a national unity government with Blue and White and if Blue and White were to get the mandate, unlikely they could form a government, as neither, Likud, the nationalists nor the Ultra-Orthodox would likely go along with them.

Unfortunately, the root of the problem is that it is essentially impossible to form a government without the Ultra-Orthodox parties and so much of Israel despises the Ultra-Orthodox. Catch-22.

BTW, coming up on 10:30 pm Jerusalem time, 1 1/2 hours left.

How the mighty have fallen. :laughing:

The leader of Hadash, an Arab Party, was trolling Netanyahu on the floor of the Knesset. :smile:

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Just moments prior to the 12:00 am deadline in Jerusalem, the Knesset voted to dissolve itself. Israel will now hold a brand new election in September.

This is the first time in Israeli history that the winner of an election has been unable to form a government.

The ultimate possible humiliation of Netanyahu has taken place. It can not be overstated what an embarrassment and humiliation this is to Netanyahu.

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So …no Trump tweet Bump?

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This is why I said earlier that the partisan dysfunction is similar to ours.

Political posturing and ploys seem designed to cripple or smear this-guy or that-guy.

Except it’s not.