Netanyahu officially out

First of many accomplishments to come.

Imagine Israel helping the PA.

Hades is freezing over.


Agreed, I think that fact is Benett’s Achilles Heel.

I do think Netanyahu will need to be careful with his timing, though.

Of course, Netanyahu still has those charges pending. I know you think that they are bogus, BUT it is not over until it is over.

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Biden admin bending over backward to keep Netanyahu out


Well crap. I hate how, more often than not, foreign policy is a choice between terrible options.

you mean we’re interfering in their politics again?

its not gonna work

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If budget passes in November, govt is good for the year.

Here’s hoping.


no, its really not. the first time he ticks off either the right wing zealots or the arabs in the coalition he’ll face a no confidence vote and lose.

It’s been over a month and status quo. What’s your over/under for this government.

It’s good for another year IMHO. (At least until fall 2022)

What’s yours?


a year is pushing the limit. something between 4-10 months. it deffinately will not last the two years its slated for to change pm’s