Netanyahu Claims Iran has Active Nuclear Program

Buchanan is right on Bibi.

Why? What was the point of purposely punking yourself?

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Bibi’s 1996 speech to congress. He’s been crying wolf since my freshman year of high school.


Colour me skeptical, the entire US intelligence apparatus has failed to find evidence of an active weapons program so far.

As others have pointed out, Bibi isn’t exactly an objective actor here, and he has a history.

[An old meme, but approrpriate]

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sounds like he wants the U.S. to do his dirty work for him

Wat? If the intel is pre-Iran deal, it’s completely useless.

What makes you think US Intelligence agencies aren’t conducting covert ops? You have no faith in the US, do you?

Condi says leaving Iran deal is no big deal…

The Iranians are just as trustworthy as the North Koreans.

Imagine that Bibi giving Trump cover to drop out of the Nuke agreement. Wonder what Trump is going to do, bet its a surprise to everyone. Talk about telegraphing a pass. Tough crap Iran life is about to get rough now that your Obama Sugar Daddy is gone.

Has Israel disclosed or decleared its own nuclear program and nuclear weapons?

Don’t be mad that he Wile E. Coyote’d Iran’s nuclear program. Elitist.