Netanyahu Claims Iran has Active Nuclear Program

Seeing their kids and grandkids go to war might change their minds.

Before you all go off ■■■■■■■■■■■ (again), how about we take a look at this “evidence” first.

But only after the fact. That’s the way it always works.

maybe Israel paid the Iranians a little visit… without giving them advance notice, without getting the official tour, without being limited to non-military sites, without telling the Iranians that they were even there.

Valerie Jarrett and Barack Hussein Obama, in contrast, agreed to a “mother may I” verification plan.

Gee, where have they ever done that before (hint…Russia/campaign conspiracy theory).
But accepting what he said as true would mean accepting that Obama’s great foreign policy achievement was nothing but a disaster and Obama was wrong about it but Trump was right.
Do you believe it is really possible to make such an admission? Especially after Obama’s failure in Korea and Trumps possible success?

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I find it interesting that they got this just as Bolton took over…

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I concur.

Netanyahu’s statement is CLEARLY an attempt to side-step the Trump administration and appeal directly to US, Saudi, and world opinion.

The proper diplomatic channel would be for Netanyahu to share the info., and details of how the Israelis got it, with US intelligence officials, and then make a US or joint declaration of findings.

Why did PM Netanyahu choose to handle the matter this way?

Red flag?
Yellow flag?

Anyway, its as fishy as a tilapia.

No, not condemning Net. Just expressing the obvious, that conclusions should not be jumped to about what’s been found and what it means, based only on his claims and interpretations.

What are the odds Trump and Bolton will engage in the required sober examination?

This is a lie, or at best a misleading, vague claim, which is why it’s so popular with certain right-wingers.

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Does he have any pictures of cartoon bombs to back up his claims?


What’s old is new again!

How can you have “no doubt,” yet claim to have a “healthy dose of skepticism” about what is and isn’t reality (based on evidence, presumably) ? It’s an obvious contradiction, in one sentence.

No ■■■■ ■■■■ Tracy. It was meant to be contradictory.

Today on Hannity’s radio program Pat Buchanan said that Bibi has a habit of crying wolf. Is he part of the left too, or simply one of many voices asking to see some evidence before we make any move?

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Ya but u gotta admit dropping some bombs on Iran and destabilizing Iraq would sure make you feel much tougher than weak Obama!

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That appears to be what happened here. Apparently today’s presentation was based on old pre Iran deal intelligence

We shall see, but I would bet that Iran is cheating on the nuke deal just like N. Korea has cheated in their nuke deals.

Interesting how they pulled it off given that the country is swarming with inspectors, they filled the centrifuge with concrete, and nobody noticed with all those satellites observing everything. Or, Bibi Nuttyyahoo is a lying sack of ■■■■ whose word is Gospel to American retards.

I always liked this one from 2012:

Pretty much this.