Netanyahu Claims Iran has Active Nuclear Program

Live speech going on now. He claims Israeli intelligence somehow came into possession of half a TON of Iranian documents/CDs/presentations detailing an ongoing nuclear weapons program. This in spite of IAEA findings that Iran is in compliance with the recent denuclearization deal.

It’s gotten so bad that Israel’s next action in the Middle East can be predicted. This will be justification for an Israeli/U.S./western attack on Iran. I truly hope the majority of Americans will become aware of the West’s true agenda in the Middle East (it has nothing to do with terrorism or “weapons of mass destruction”).

I have no doubt that Iran has one…but again I also have healthy dose of skepticism of what is and what’s reality.

I’m sure some on both sides of political spectrum can relate to this.

At this point, we have to treat anything we’re told about “weapons of mass destruction” and “chemical attacks” with a grain of salt. Any moron should realize that there are ulterior motives in play here.

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I agree. Lesson learn from our past mistakes need to be taken into account.

And ulterior motives is strong here on multiple sides.

With John Bolton and Mike Pompeo taking the lead, what could go wrong?

Because Netanyahu said it doesn’t make it true. I understand and get it as it relates to the tension between Israel and Iran, but I really think Netanyahu is being somewhat paranoid and potentially trigger happy. Until he get solid, confirmed intelligence he needs to slow his roll. I’m not a fan of preemptive strikes that can snow ball into a full scale war in which of course we would come in and play cleanup. I’m betting Russia would do the same for Iran.

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He was against the denuclearization deal with Iran from the get go. It amazes me how many Americans seem to be ok with the idea of Israel trying to undermine/usurp our foreign policy. Especially given that it would be OUR forces bearing the brunt of any conflict. This needs to stop…and quickly.

Keep in mind it’s not just Israel…Arabs are also involved as well.

I love the imagery of Israel accusing another country of lying about their secret nuclear program


NK didn’t stop when they were bribed by the US, why would anyone think Iran would. Obama and Kerry are stupid.

maybe we’ll get lucky and their test site will collapse.

Under the Iran deal you have the reactors capable of making plutonium disabled and redesigned, spent fuel sent out of the country, enrichment capped at low levels, stockpiles capped at low levels, less centrifuges, a ban on heavy water reactors, and inspections.

Obama and Kerry are stupid.

Right now we have less than a verbal promise from the rocket man.

Trump is a negotiation god.



Be sure you examine the motivations of everyone feeding you information. This is true in all aspects of life.

I don’t believe anything that clown Netanyahu says. We will not send US soldiers to die because of Israel, we need to trust but verify.

The left is condemning him before they see any evidence.

Yep. Cons salivating for a war

Wait, what?


Most of these numbnuts wanting wars have never been in one, never seen death/destruction or have never seen someone get shot in front of them. The best solution to this idiocy is to bring back the draft.

I don’t think that would quiet down the calls much. A lot of those advocating others die in needless wars are too old to serve.

How many times does the corrupt Netanyahu have to cry wolf before people start to question his integrity?