Need Trump Tweet Explained-Possible Iran Attack

So, here’s Trump’s tweet today:

Well that posted before I was done. What does he mean? He was briefed? He had a vision? What is this exactly?

“Upon information and belief” is a legal term.

It basically means “I believe this, but I don’t have evidence to prove it in court”.

You mostly see it in civil complaints, on the basis that admissible evidence to prove such claims may be found in discovery.

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Thanks. Fascinating. What an incredibly weird thing to say in a presidential text.

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My guess is Trump has no idea what it means - he heard someone say it, thought it sounded official, and decided to use it in a tweet.


Upon information and belief, this is exactly what happened.


I had to google it after you explained it was a legal expression. I like this definition:

“Phrase often used in pleadings and affidavits under oath to qualify a statement or allegation so as to protect the speaker from [perjury]”(Perjury | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute).

I think I know why he’s heard it before but doesn’t fully understand it.


But more foreign policy related, if Iran attacks US assets, what do we have to believe that Iran will pay a heavy price? Last three times showed a very reserved response(drone shot down, Saudi oil facility attacked, US forces attacked in Iraq). And I don’t want this to devolve into “Libs complain when Trump talks tough and they complain when he doesn’t act tough.” annoying back and forth. We are literally in a world now where Iran has directly attacked our forces from Iranian territory with no military response from the US because apparently the troops only had “headaches”. I don’t know if Trump is just making stuff up again on twitter, but if Iran is planning an attack now, I’m not sure they’re too concerned about a response. But interested in others’ opinions.

I think this is a “wag the dog” scenario.

As to how to deal with Iran, I think the best option is to ignore them entirely. Get our troops out of their way, and just ignore them. Since we went back on the deal, every back-and-forth attack gives credence to the Iranian hardliners.

This tweet is likely based on Iran saying the same thing yesterday.

Iran threaten America yesterday, Trump is just responding in normal Trump fashion.

Iran and America have been publicly throwing shade since the start of the year.

Of course that’s what you think., what else would you think?

Sure is great to see y’all bringing America together and putting away the partisan BS for a while in the middle of a crisis.



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It means that under the current crisis it makes our enemies think we might be vulnerable, and they have solid intelligence that Iran is planning more tax.

Yes to date his actions and responses been measured, where you get an overwhelming response is when there are u.s. lives lost.

Ah, the old “must not criticize the President during a crisis” card. I remember how unquestioningly supportive you (collective) were of Obama during issues in his administration. And yeah, the 2008 recession was a critical time.


Criticize him all you want but stick to the truth and don’t be petty, partisan, backbiters.

The OP of the thread was a post of Trump’s tweet. Followed by questions asking for clarification.


We may not think OP means the same thing. I was the original poster and posted what Trump literally sent out via tweet.

Wrong thread, sorry, I’ll delete.

It’s gotten to the point that quoting trump is attacking him.

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He said he posted in the wrong thread. No big deal.