Need International Observers for upcoming election

Everyone has become so tribal and suspicious in this country that nobody will believe the result showing “their guy” lost.
It’s all rigged.

I think Canada and UK would be the best for this task. :elephant: :us:


I would recommend the federal Australian Electoral Commission.

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Yes, thanks. Good to have a tie-breaker. :us: :elephant:

I thought Russia is already doing this.


The Russia fair election commission is available to count votes, I hear. :grinning:


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What in the NO?!!

Russia, China and Iran.


Now that we have a sitting president trying to disparage the elections 3 months ahead of time, I’m thinking it probably wouldn’t hurt.

I never thought I’d see the day when a sitting US president would actively try to disparage the election before it even happened, and then actively work to reduce funding to the Post Office to try to make it happen. Then again, I’ve seen a lot of things in the last 3 1/2 years that I thought I would never see in the US.

Vote people, vote. If you’re voting by mail, MAKE SURE you mail it in plenty of time for it to get to it’s destination. Put tracking on it if you have to. If you have a lockbox system in your area designated for dropping off absentee ballots, USE IT. It’s obvious at this point Trump is going to use every slimy little trick he can find to try to disenfranchise voters.

If you deposit your ballot in a lockbox, is it still postmarked? I assume these boxes are emptied by board or election people.
If the ballots are not postmarked might they be invalidated by DOJ?
Seem to remember years ago, an attempt to invalidate ballots from troops overseas because they were delivered by military transportation instead of USPS.