Neck Gaiters Anyone?

So both my county and village in NY are now requiring masks in public. I’m looking to purchase some neck gaiters, since they’ll be helpful beyond just the pandemic. However, I’m having a hard time finding any. Their all sold out everywhere I’ve looked. Does anyone here know where to get a hold of some?

All sorts of options available on Amazon. Don’t be stuck with something boring.

Yeah. Problem is they are all sold out, or wont get here till late April or early May.

I did end up finding a company, though. And they actually had more thanskills, flags, or jokers, lol.

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I don’t know how effective one will be for things like virii, but it sure as hell kept a lot of sand and dust out of my teeth. The humidity from your breath will make particles build up on the cloth, so make sure to wash them everyday, and don’t wear it too high up on your nose if you wear lenses or sunglasses or they’ll fog up.

I haven’t been going out in public except for a weekly grocery trip, so they wont get much use for this purpose. It’s why I wanted to get neck gaiters, I can use them outside of this application.

I’ll definitely be sure to wash them.