Neat Map of American Indians

I found this to be interesting.
Enter the name of your town or city and it will show which Indian tribe inhabited it.

Mine was the Wichitas and the Comanches. I didn’t have a clue.

You are on the land of:



Haudenosauneega Confederacy

Where I was born and raised.

You are in the land of:




American Indians? How in today’s world some people still don’t know that American was not the Country of India like some idiot from 1490s thought. Look at a map and see where India actually is and the natives living here, we are not Indian’s as our ancestors come from here.

Yes. American Indians.

He’s showing his age and/or his cluelessness.

Not really.

The term was applied in error, but it has stuck, like it or not.

By custom, it is not incorrect to refer to a Native American as an Indian.

The federal government uses the term officially and in statute.

It is not an insulting or degrading term nor is it meant to be.

Just a term that resulted from a long ago error by the early explorers who thought they had reached India.

I personally use both Indian and Native American as I feel appropriate to the situation.

If people want to use Native American exclusively, that is fine also.

I don’t get to decide that.

The rest of us do.

Whatever, dude.

Nor do I.

Society as a whole decides these things and there has never been any serious movement to decide this term is insulting.

It’s inaccurate but it has been the commonly used term since the 1500s. Sort of hard to change lingo that has been in use that long.

It’s not impossible, though. Black Americans were called Negroes for two centuries. The term didn’t fall out of common use until the late 1970s. So maybe it’ll change.

This website is incredibly depressing; the title, and discussion, only compounds it…

Hey let’s look at civilizations that were wiped out and then argue about the names we call them! NEAT! is depressing? Why do you come here?

I was referring to the one you linked, obviously; while contrived ignorance does not make you clever, the answers are yes and I don’t know.

Just drink a pot of black coffee. You’ll be ok in the morning.

I like cream and sugar.

Grew up in the land of the Mescalero and presently live in what was the land of the Comanche.

One of the biggest battles with the Commanche’s was fought about 30 miles from here and another about sixty.

Commanches used to raid through this area regularly and raised a whole lot of hell with the settlers and the Cavalry from Ft. Sill, to Ft. Griffin, to Ft Graham, and Fort Belknap. In one raid a town just to our south was nearly completely wiped out.

History class must have been awfully traumatic for you. The history of man is the history of conquest and the rise and fall of civilizations.

Born: Mohican

Raised: Moscogee (Creek), Chickasaw