NC09 New Election


So some shadowy organization is smart enough to put together 3 million illegal vores, then leave behind no evidence that would stand up in any court of law, but yet be so dumb as to put all 3 million in one state where they wouldn’t matter?

In what universe does that make any sense?


Isn’t Dallas Woodhouse one of those twins on C-SPAN?

His brother is super liberal, and he’s super conservative?

I saw a clip when they were both on one of those CSPAN shows, and their mother called in to tell them to stop fighting.


who is David jolly you ask? oh just a former GOP congressman


I find it hilarious the right as usual cries and cries about something so much and In the end they are the ones doing it…

Which just goes to show you their agendas…scream so loud that nobody notices what a giant bunch of ■■■■■■■■ they really are.


Seems the executive director of the GOP in North Carolina is open to new election if it can be shown that enough ballots were altered to change the outcome of the race. That seems fair…unless of course it could be proven that the election really went the other way.

That seems fair. Also, when it is proven, anyone involved needs to do some serious jail time.


Till you chimed in I was enjoying watching the liberals argue with a sock puppet. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I would think the people in North Carolina that are the maddest are the ones whose votes were destroyed.

Would anyone here get mad if their vote was destroyed?


Who is the sock?