NC09 New Election

Are the Democrats really going to pull it off? Some low level worker may have altered a few ballots in an election that wasn’t close enough to matter and they are going to take it away from the rightful winner? Are they going to keep holding elections until Dan McCready wins?

3 million votes forged in California in 2016 and I’m supposed to care about a couple hundred in North Carolina.



I swear, if democrats steal this election there may be a civil war in the immediate future.


There is nothing they won’t do to cheat real americans.

Eat your peas, lib

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Huh? What does that mean?

Support American farmers, buy local produce and eat them

Eat the farmers or the produce?

Doesn’t matter whichever is easiest and cheapest

Eating Raoul

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I though Republican cared about voter fraud.

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Sometimes voter fraud is good. Depends on who is doing it.

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They do. Election fraud however is no biggie

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Produce the farmers, eat the rich.

some times a “republican” isn’t really a “republican”

Alternative Republican?

Sounds like a grundge band

Everybody on board! Immediately divert from GOPig Election Fraud.

Well done.

Moments ago, CNN’s Jim Sciutto reported that Dallas Woodhouse, the Executive Director of the North Carolina Republican Party since 2015, is now open to a new election in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional district.

“Dallas Woodhouse told CNN’s Drew Griffin he was so upset after watching CNN’s coverage of alleged fraud last night, he threw up, ‘this has shaken us to the core,’” Sciutto tweeted moments ago.

Over 1,000 destroyed ballots.


He should resign if he doesn’t like winning elections.

Election fraud happens on a significant scale and of course Republicans are behind it.

They dont care about “integrity” their only goal is to cling to power by any means necessary.

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