NC Republican Legislature attempts to strip governor of Constitutional

FOR those that haven’t been watching here’s what the Republicans have done in North Carolina since taking over. They gerrymandered the hell out of districts. They took sales tax revenue from rich rural counties. They they didn’t say a word about stripping the governor of powers when he was a Republican. A Democrat recently won the governorship and now they want the people to vote on amendments stripping the Democratic governor of powers of the Republican Governor had.

Phil Berger. He’s like Trump but smart.

Oh, two of the amendments would “take away the governor’s power to appoint judges, regulators, board members and other state officials, and transfer that power to the legislature.”

It’s a power grab. It’s now up to the voters to see if they get away with it (the NC Republican Legislature has already been slapped down by writing some of the amendments in such a way that is misleading).

Time will tell.

Stip the governor? There’s no there, there at that they, they. :sunglasses:

Any plan to strip Democrats of power is a good one. The powers can be reinserted if the voters get their act together and get rid of their communist governor.

the powers in question are not constitutional powers. a dem legislature ceded them to a dem gov and the gop left them like that when they took over both. now that its split, the legislature is taking their power back. in nc, the legislature reigns supreme… of so it is said.