NC-09 flips blue

Anti-gay r Mark Harris wins primary. Flips the seat blue


Here’s a link to the story.

Primary challengers claimed their first victory against establishment Republicans on Tuesday night in North Carolina, where incumbent Rep. Robert Pittenger lost the nomination to successful challenger Mark Harris.

Harris, a conservative former senior pastor of Charlotte’s First Baptist Church and former president of the North Carolina Baptist Convention, won the contentious Republican primary in North Carolina’s Ninth District, in what was a rematch of a close 2016 race.

But, But it says Harris won the Republican Primary?

So the challenger won by calling the incumbent a liberal Republican for voting for this last trump PORKULUS bill and mortgaging the future of the kids and grandkids? This is interesting.

All is projecting the future.

Read the tea leaves, nc-09 is a swing district. Radical rs need not apply.


Okay a do over today. No Harris. So does NC-09 flip blue.

Here the 538 take. Polls are 44-44

So who takes it.


Excellent news! Conservatives actually choose their candidates. :wink:

Except in those states cancelling republican primaries



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Conservatives?? I thought this was about Republicans…


Republicans are like libs, in that they’ll put anything in their mouths that the establishment tells them to. :wink:


Nailed it! Cancelling Primaries to DENY actual conservatives from appearing on the ballot.

Not too long till the polls close. Any guesses?

Don’t know. But if the GOP Candidate loses, he will be thrown under the bus.

"While the district still leans Republican, it’s one of two districts Democrats are eyeing to flip in a wave election year."

Well, it is Vox.

Plus 40 is a wave.


The election will not be held in 2018.

Vox article was from May 2018. Made this prediction back then, pretty good huh.


The GOP Candidate is slightly ahead.