NBC: U.S. dropping demand for N. Korea full disclosure of nuclear weapons

Looks like Donald Trump rolled over and panted like a puppy when Kim Jung Un ordered him to do something. The report comes from current and former U.S. officials.

Wonder what we got in return? (ha ha …)

Cool. We get nothing out of this.

Best negotiator ever.

Hear that Kim Jong Un pinky swears to not kill any more relatives with anti aircraft guns.

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Master negotiator in action. He is so desperate for a win.

Wasn’t this the entire reason Trump and his supporters declared the Iran deal to be terrible?

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Disclosing the status of their program is the primary demand of any deal we could make…

Yeah, we will just take Trump’s new boyfriends “word”… brilliant.

SOME Trump supporters should be embarrassed after today.


It’s infinitely worse than the Iran Deal.

Seems like this would make it tough or impossible for anyone to verify North Korea is disarming or at least halting their nuclear program. We really are no better off than before.

Coming soon: Trump Tower Pyongyang

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In return, Trump is going to build a yuuuuge wall around North Korea - and he’s going to get Gyna to pay for it.



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I’m thinking Trump is cool doesn’t really fit this thread.

Im going to need all the trump supporters to please stop posting so fast…i cant keep up with all the amazing things out of this deal…


If only there existed a international group whos whole reason for existing was to do this…

I honestly can’t handle this much winning.

Seems NoKo is actually far better off than before.

Trust, but don’t verify.

Pretty ■■■■■■ up if you ask me.

Whatever could we call it? United Federation of Planets? The Federation? Hey - what about the United Nations?

That would never work.

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