NBA Season 2018-2019

Imma guess not a lot of NBA fans here but what teh heck.

I think people are really sleeping on the Lakers. They will have a deep bench with stephenson, Beasley, kuzma, lonzo…plus Rondo+lebron is going to be really fun to watch.

I predict Celtics vs. Lakers revamp or Celtics vs Warriors. Raptors have a shot in the East too.

Should be a fun year!

Think the Spurs will make the playoffs?

They definitely have a shot…they did without kawhi. As long as DeRozan can mesh well. But theres a lot of dark horses like the nuggets and jazz

And, of course, the Lakers with some free agent they signed.

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My Kings will be the worst team in the league, but I’ll still have fun watching them lose.

I’ve been a Lakers fan since 1980 and I’m looking forward to a fun season.

I’m a big Spurs fan and we should definitely make the playoffs. We did it without Kuwai and now we get DeDe and I like the way Djounte Murray is progressing, too. However, none of that matters because no team has a chance of taking a series from Golden State. Once they get Boogie up to speed later in the season, they’ll literally have a 2017 All Star at every position.

Well im a lebron fan (and I follow other players around too) so I’ll be joining the bandwagon! NBA is the sport where I love watching so many different teams

I personally like college basketball better than pro, especially at tournament time.

Ya that boogie signing can be ridiculous. I guess the plus is that both durant and thompson are free agents summer 2019 so hopefully the league will balance out again (unless one of them goes to the lakers). Thompson, rondo and lbj would be dangerous as crap.

Boogie will be a FA too. But I agree this is probably the last year with the big 4. The luxury tax is unsustainable.

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My Suns might have something to say about that.

not into nba they discriminate based on race

Go the ■■■■ away.

You looking for higher minority representation among owners and coaches?

Kings-Suns is the first preseason game for the Kings.

At least both teams made the mistake of trading away that diminutive All-Star point guard whose name I can’t remember anymore.

Last year, Houston was a Chris Paul injury away from iso-ing the Warriors out of the playoffs.

I know that Houston got weaker, but did they get that much weaker?

you have it mixed up

Lakers won’t make it out of the first round of the playoffs. In the always deep western conference they’ll eke in as a 7 or 8 seed meaning they’ll face the Warriors or Rockets in the first round. This is the weakest supporting cast Lebron has had since his early years and now he can no longer coast to the finals in the far easier eastern conference.

Wooo how bout dem lakers